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Willowside Meats

The last old school, family run butcher shop.

The last old school, family run butcher shop.

The last old school, family run butcher shop.The last old school, family run butcher shop.

Mobile Ranch Butchering

Humane processing of your animals is our number one priority and we are very fortunate to have John Taylor (1 Shot JT) as our mobile ranch butcher. John has been serving Sonoma, Napa, Marin and the surrounding counties for over 30 years. He is truly one of the best in the business, and the only one in the business to offer scalding for hogs. He is guaranteed to be nothing but professional and humane when it comes to harvesting your livestock. 

Since his purchase of Willowside Meats in 2019, with his partner Chris Peterson, he has since integrated his mobile slaughtering operation with Willowside Meats making the process easier for his customers. 

How it Works

John's work is truly unique in that he is fully equipped to take care of your animal right on your farm, which is a far less stressful situation for your livestock when compared to hauling to the nearest slaughterhouse.  John brings all the necessary equipment with him and leaves hardly a trace of the work that has been done. After he skins and cleans the carcass he hangs it up in the box attached to his truck. From there he hauls the carcass back to our shop for further processing. 


All scheduling is done through John directly. To get scheduled please call (707) 529-5435. Please note that during our busy season, May through September, John's schedule can become booked out a few weeks in advance.